History of Second New Light Missionary Baptist Church


The people in the area needed a place to worship.  The distance and the Cape Fear River made it impossible for many to hear the Word of God.  For many years—through the cold, heat, and rain—many of our forefathers made their way to the Cape Fear River, some walking  and, some in their wagons.  At the river they tied their mules, got on a boat, crossed the river and made their way to First New Light Baptist Church.  There they worshipped and then made the return trip back home.

Worshipping at First New Light continued for some time.  Some of our forefathers visualized a place of worship closer in order that more of the men, women, and children could hear the Word of God.  They began to plan and look into the possibility of a church on this side of the Cape Fear River.

In thrust for a place of worship and led by Bro. John Whitted, Bro. Sam Boone, Bro. Jeffrey Robinson, Bro. Robert Robinson and others, a church site was selected.  The site was in an area called Goodman (across a creek).  The land was given for the first church by Bro. Lymus Robinson.

A church was built on this side of the river.  Without any disagreement with the members of First New Light, our forefathers entered into the first church in 1885 and named it Second New Light Baptist Church.  The church remained over Goodman for approximately 12 years.  The church cemetery, Goodman Cemetery, is still located over Goodman (as the site is called).  The first pastor was Rev. John Whitted.  Due to the water and the site of the first church, it became necessary to find another location.

During these years our forefathers immediately began to make Second New Light visible among other churches.  According to the minutes of the Union Baptist Association they began meeting with other churches to form an Association.  Rev. Sam Boone of Second New Light was the first Moderator and also gave the name “Union”  as the Association is now known.  Bro. John Whitted of Second New Light was the first missionary and was sent forth to labor in destitute places.

Deacon Charlie McAllister helped select the site of the second church building.  In 1907 land was purchased from Bro. Oliver Whitehead for the site.  Rev. Nelson Dunham was serving as pastor.  In later years, adjoining land was purchased from Bro. Roy Robinson and thus the present church stands.  In later years, additional land was purchased and is used for recreation.

The church continued to survive and of the ministers came and served were:


Bro. John Whitted 1885 – 1906 Rev. Ollie Miller 1978 –  1985
Rev. Nelson Dunham 1907 – 1911 Rev. Wayman Kirkman 1986 – 1993
Rev. Henry Adams 1911- 1914, 1917 – 1929 Rev. Larry McLaughlin (Interim) 1994 – 1995
Rev. Walter Monroe 1914 – 1917 Rev. Charles McMillan (Interim) 1995 – 1996
Rev. Malloy Wright 1929 – 1931 Rev. Johnny Jordan 1996 – 1998
Rev. Lonnie Raeford 1931 – 1941 Rev. W. K. Mitchell  (Interim) 1998 – 2001
Rev. Wayman Melvin 1941 – 1975 Rev. Michael  E.  Penman 2001 – 2008
Rev. F. D. King 1974 – 1978, 1985-1986 Dr. A. J. Johnson (Interim) 2008 – 2012
    Rev. Fredrick D. Culbreth 2012 – 2019

Reverend Wayman Melvin served the longest number of years as pastor (35 Years).   It was under his pastorate

that the older living members of the church were baptized.   It was also under his pastorate that the church was brick veneered. Reverend Melvin can be remembered for his preaching and singing.  He would be preaching and then break out with a little song to reinstate what he was preaching about.

Under the leadership of Reverend F. D. King, the church became a two-Sunday worship service church.  Under the leadership of  Reverend Ollie Miller, the church became a stationed church.  On August 16, 1998 service of commemoration was held in the old sanctuary and we marched to the new church building under the leadership of Reverend Johnny Jordan.   During a  week of June, some teary eyed members watched the Old church building demolished.  It had stood the test of time and as it fell, many fond memories were recalled.

The church continued to progress under the leadership of  Reverend Michael Penman.  In order to save interest, it was  suggested that the church payment would be increased. Dr. Aaron Johnson served as interim pastor of Second New Light for four and one half consecutive years.  On the third Sunday, August 16, 2009 under the leadership of  Dr. Aaron J. Johnson, many shouts of joy and prayers of thanksgiving rang out as the trustees burned the mortgage;  thus, a  30 year mortgage was paid off in 11 years.  During Dr. Johnson’s tenure the roof of the church was also replaced.

Second New Light is blessed with many organizations and committees.  Through the years these organizations have been blessed with capable leaders.  The organizational structure at the present time is as follows:  Chairman of Deacons, Bro. Arthur Whitted; Sunday School Superintendent, Bro. William Whitted; Church Training Union Director, Bro. Joseph Rozier, Jr., President of the Board of Ushers, Sis. Lula Davis, President of the Laymen League, Bro. Hobson Lane, Jr., President of the Missionary Circle, Sis. Joyce Graham.  In the Music Department, Bro. Laconial Esters is the Minister of Music.  The choirs are:  Sanctuary, Gospel, Praise, Male, Youth and Mass.

Second New Light continues to strive for higher heights spiritually and financially.  Under the leadership of Reverend Michael Penman, the church Parking lot was paved.  Minister JaQuan Thompson and Minister Samuel Richardson were licensed to preach the gospel.

On Sunday, August 13, 2012  the 13th  Pastor of Second New Light, Reverend Fredrick  Culbreth,  was welcomed into the fellowship with a shout of joy.  We look forward to a long pastoral relationship with Pastor Culbreth.

As we reflect on the events of the past 127 years, we are more prone to give God the glory.  As members, we believe that one of the most solemn moments in the Old Testament is Solomon’s  prayer of dedication for the temple in Jerusalem.  (I Kings 8:22-61)

Second New Light is dedicated to Christian fellowship, to worshipping, to preaching, to evangelism, and to the development of Christian Character.  Second New Light is growing in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We are the church by the side of the road where the people are friendly, the preaching plain, the teaching sound, and we are reaching out to serve the needs of humanity.  This house is dedicated to the glory of god.  “To him  be the glory in the Church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever.”