Scriptural Reading Matthew 21:1-11

     Christ in this passage makes his triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding a donkey’s colt. The crowd met him as he entered the city, they place cloaks and branches on the ground for him to ride upon and many waved palm branches shouting “Hosanna, Hosanna” in the highest. The people worshiped Christ as the king he truly is even riding upon a donkey. They worshiped him for what they have heard of him and the miracles they have witnessed of Christ such as raising Lazarus after three days in the grave. But how soon they forget all the miraculous signs of God’s glory which Christ had provided, for these same people now shouting Hosanna, Hosanna, will declare crucify him.

     How easily we take for granted what Christ has done in our lives. We may allow our human wants to overpower our spiritual need for a closer relationship with Christ. Yet we do not hesitate to call upon him in our distress. Those in Jerusalem had the privilege of to the King of Kings being in their presence, but they allow the envious to turn them against the Master. Instead of crying release him for he is innocent they cried crucify him, only because he challenged what they believed to be true.

     As we seek Christ in our lives let us not allow our perceived truths prevent us from accepting God’s spiritual guidance. God is the God of all, sitting high and looking low he knows all he knows the direction he desires us to travel. Be ever willing to listen to what God is saying through the Holy Spirit, by doing so we can be sure that we are traveling in the right direction.

     Those at the trail of Jesus called for his crucifixion because they were directed by human feeling and understanding and not spiritual discernment. Christ voluntarily stepped down from a throne of royalty that he might bring redemption to a chaotic and sinful world. He set aside everything he knew and placed his life in the Heavenly Father’s hands that through him God might be glorified. If Christ can deny himself royalty for the sake of an undeserving mankind, at the very least mankind can remember his sacrifice and honor Christ by living upright and righteous lives.